Taylor is a former sign language interpreter and crisis management consultant that came into fame after it was revealed that she was involved with Olympic Gold Medal Swimmer, Michael Phelps. Today Taylor is the Transgender Health Coordinator for Us Helping Us People Into Living, Inc. in Washington, DC. She is also a part of the National organizing team for the National Trans Visibility March. She is a published author, and National speaker on Gender Rights. She is also part of the Marketing Team for Capital Pride Alliance and an Executive Producer with Capital Pride & Capital Trans Pride in Washington DC. She sits on the board of We the People, May Is? All About Trans and the Board President of FLUX Aids Healthcare Foundation for Washington, DC. 

She has a degree in Social and Behavioral Science, as well as her VQAS in American Sign Language from the state of Virginia. She was nominated in 2006 for the Energizer Battery Keep Going Hall of Fame. She has appeared in Glamour, Time, and Cosmopolitan, as well as, The Howard Stern Show, E! News and Entertainment Tonight and many other news TV and Radio shows.

Taylor married Matthew Meagher-Walker June 10, 2019 after attending Capital Pride in Washington DC.


She launched Taylor Chandler Gives Good Radio Show February 15, 2018 with, After the Love is Gone, part one, about her love affair with Michael Phelps.


"It's a radio show to take you behind the curtain and between the sensational headlines of Taylor Lianne Chandler. 

You’ve read about her in tabloids such as the National Enquirer, on social media, worldwide scandalous reports, as well as talk shows. However, you  truly know nothing about the life of Taylor Lianne Chandler, but that's all about to change".


Taylor is going to bring her past to life in an open format, like only radio can. Listen to this Wonder Woman as she exposes the true details of her life, along with confronting today's hottest subjects concerning the Intersex, Transgender and Queer communities. Subjects celebrating transgender and pride lifestyles, as well as taking on the administration and those who have failed to recognize, lead and fight for equality for those in the Intersex, Transgender community.

Taylor added a co-host, Natalie Thompson, Vice President, of Capital Pride Alliance in the summer of 2019. As a Queer identifying woman of color she brings a much needed perspective to today's issues.


“I want to go beyond the sensational and help people understand our community better, whether you are in it or confused about it. "Gives Good Radio" I feel, is what's been missing, a show that informs, educates and brings acceptance and understanding to a marginalized community that we all encounter whether we know it or not." - Taylor Chandler