Michael Phelps is a coward!

I am thoroughly tired of being the scapegoat in all of this and being accused of everything under the sun when I did nothing wrong. I told the world my short comings in an open letter to the world. I did not try to hide anything. I encourage all of you that hate me to continue breaking the law posting pics you are illegally using and telling a story you know nothing about whatsoever. I do not need to justify myself to the world. I was involved with a celebrity. I had zero desire to live my life and past out loud. Even though I have since made career decisions that put me in the public eye in my own right doesn't mean that I owe the world access to every part of my life. When you misgender me or label me something I am not, not only are you slandering me and making your self liable, you are violating HIPAA at its most core level which is a malicious breach and punishable by fine or criminally. PHI (Protected Health Information) is just that. Let that sink in for a minute. I am done allowing people to act like they were there when I was with Michael Phelps Just because him and his people have been disrespectful to me an allowed the media to trample me doesn't make the truth go away. I am done protecting everyone involved. I am going to speak ALL of the truth now. Drew, Keith and Peter and family can hide behind their computers and lash out at me through other people and themselves all they want. Why can't you put a mic to your mouth and speak to the world? I am done being made to be the bad guy. I didn't get a DUI and speed and almost run a vehicle off the road. Since when do we live in a world where that kind of a crime is something you are heralded for making a come back from? My crime? Supporting the man I cared about. Being there for him. Having an argument, running off and then drinking too much and wanting to be with my man. I missed when they added that as a crime in the state of Maryland. Just because you love and "know" the public persona of an Olympian, doesn't mean you know the man in private.

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