The Howard Stern Show Perpetuates Hate Towards LGBTIQ Community

On February 23, 2014 Howard Stern in the closing part of the news proceeded to call me a man, a dude, a he/she and gross. He went on to imply that I was a liar. I can assure you that his team vetted me and did their research before I ever went on the show. The day before I was contacted by the producer and we went through the questions that would be asked. I think it is a tregedy after I already corrected him on 1/6/2014 for using the word "tranny" comparing it to the "N" word as unacceptable that he would do something so blatantly wrong and hate filled.

During my original broadcast Howard said I was believeable, credible and eloquent. He went on to acknowledge how educated and well spoken I came accross. During that show he saw me naked and expressed that "I would hit that!" "Hell yeah I would hit that, even if I knew" The Howard Stern Show saw correspondance between myself and Michael Phelps that assured them beyond a shadow of a doubt my relationship with the Olympic swimmer. Every TV and radio show I have done has vetted me and seen text, email, phone logs, photos, some even the forensic report.

I am completely appalled that someone I enjoyed listening to and after the show acted like my friend and took photos and wished me all the best would turn around and say things that perpetuate hate in today's society leading to hate crimes, lack of rights and murder of people with gender challenges. Shame on you Mr. Stern. There are limits to what is acceptable as "shock" and "entertainment" when it leads to people being murdered. You have an obligation to your twenty million listeners to do the right thing and apologize to me and the LGBTIQ community. Would you want someone to perpetuate hate towards your children? Your wife? In the name of entertainment. I think not. You did a disservice to me and people like me with your horrendous comments. Someone that is not only on SiriusXM, but NBC and America's Got Talent is held to a higher standard. You were wrong and made it acceptable for people to think it's ok to misgender, mislabel and call someone outside of their name and who they are. You backslid from day one after media reported that you found me credible. You didn't even have the balls to release the photos of us because you didn't want the backlash. You didn't even read fan mail good or bad. Of all the TV, magazines, newspapers and radio I have done, I regret being on your show and having anything to do with you.

I pray you are called to task for your comments by the LGBTIQ community!

Shame on you Howard Stern!

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