Michael Phelps gets his life back!

I woke this morning to headlines everywhere saying Michael's suspension was lifted and he can return to competition. If that wasn't bold enough and in my face most of the articles ended with Michael getting engaged to one of the two women I know he cheated on me with, Nicole Johnson.

Is this chaos ever going to end? I use to always say I lived with no regrets, but that statement has forever been changed. I regret with all my being the day that I responded to Michael's message on Tinder. As much as I was happy and felt I had something so real with him I now know it was all based on his lies.

It boggles my mind how this country and the world raises him up and heralds him for getting behind the wheel and driving drunk and almost running a vehicle off the road. They cast aside all the women that have come forward and been used and betrayed by him. I was made to feel like I did something wrong and was a scandal when I did nothing wrong but care about a man that I did not really know.

Michael has gone on to recover from this train wreck and appear to the world as a happily engaged man. How it is so easy to forget that two people paid the price for his transgression the night of September 30, 2014. I within weeks lost my career, my privacy and any semblance of normalcy. I've been forced to defend myself for months against a man that is to much of a coward to tell the truth and tell the world we were together and that he cared about me. Instead it is easier for him to live a lie and paint this pretty picture to the world of a life that is all based on lies.

Day in and day out I am forced to deal with haters that hide behind computers and attack me and defend him with no regard for the truth. I am labled a stalker and crazy person because I don't sit back quietly and pretend nothing happened. My family, friends and I have had to deal with the fall out from all of this mess that Michael created. I am not a liar, a fraud or a stalker. I am a woman that fell for a man based on a lie and paid the ultimate price for doing so. The Phelps family knows the truth, but they stand behind a lie. Octagon Sports Management knows the truth, but they choose to spin a web of lies that journalist around the world feed on and accept as fact. People since day one have wanted a picture of him and I together to prove what I am saying is true. I have been accused of having pictures and refusing to release them. The pictures and text that are out there should be proof enough. Michael and I's most intimate moments were hacked and made public for the world to see. I was forced to tell my story or allow the tabloids to continue to print lies. No matter what I do I am wrong. Unless you have had to defend your womanhood and feel the pain of the men in your past renouncing you and wanting nothing to do with you, you can't fathom what my journey has been like the last 6 months.

The reality that people seem so easy to disregard that I was born intersex, medically diagnosed and legally female before any surgery. I am what is classified as Mosaic. I find it sad that we live in a world where I have to share the most intimate details of my life to prove who I am. I have every right to feel angry and be upset for what has happened to me because of this man.

I don't share the world's love and respect for a man that is a sexual deviant and uses women with no regard for the consequences of his actions. He is not a role model. Just because he is a great Olympian does not mean he is a great man. Michael has been unfaithful to every woman he has been with. One day maybe the world will accept the truth and see him and this engagement for what they really are, an attempt to cover up the past and rewrite a story all based on lies.


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