Michael Phelps is sorry for all the people he hurt?


It was nice to hear Michael say he is sorry for all the people he has hurt, but I don't think anyone was as hurt as me in this whole 8 month journey.

I really hoped someone would have the gumpshin to ask the tough questions. I felt like everytime they mentioned what he went through or has overcome, I was like the elephant in the room.

I am still in bondage over everything he has put me through and am left with a life shattered and in pieces. I try everyday to tell myself to be the bigger person and let it go, but life is never quite that easy. It does hurt to see him so well adjusted and back to normal and "happy". I want that for myself, but I am stuck with be that "girl", "man", "intersex", "ex" and it doesn't go away.

I don't know Nicole other then the woman that willingly took part in this charade and coverup. I often wonder what motivates a woman to be with someone that lies and cheats when they have full disclosure? How do you pretend that it never happened, that he wasn't sleeping with both of us at the same time along with the dog walker and God only knows who else? I will be surprised if they make it to the alter. I know I should be the bigger person and wish them well, but without an apology or an explanation of why he did this to me it is so hard to get to the place of acceptance.

I hope he does well in Mesa. As an athlete, Michael is amazing. I just wish the man behind the sport was just as amazing.

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