The Unedited Version of my Hollywood Gossip Interview

Thank you Tyler for giving me the chance to set a lot of things straight :-)

Is there anything that you’d like to clear up regarding your relationship with Phelps?

Yes, absolutely!!!! I am not his self-proclaimed or alleged girlfriend. That is a title given to me by the media. I was seeing him and I liked him a lot. When you meet someone online, you know them quicker because you share more through email, text and phone calls than sitting across at a table on a date. By the time we physically met the first time we already liked each other and had a connection. He is very charismatic and fun to be with. The world knows about September 21st, but we actually made arrangement to meet the day before. I have been to his house more than once. If I was a side chick or a jump off why was I seen leaving his house on September 30th twice? Him and I connected on so many levels: fitness, horse racing, Jimmy Fallon, jokes. Had he not gotten the DUI he was planning to come to my place to play Cards Against Humanity with me and my friends. We had talked about him going to my cousin Ashley's wedding with me. He was like, I hate weddings, but we'll see...LOL We talked everyday. The first night I didn't get a goodnight from him was September 29th, and now we know its because he was arrested. I was texting him the whole time he was at Horseshoe that night, but I fell asleep and didn't think a whole lot about the fact that he didn't say goodnight.

Do you feel it’s been misrepresented by the media?

Big time! They have made it seem like it was wrong or weird or disgusting for him to be with me. I am a woman. I look like a woman and carry myself as such. He has seen me naked many times and if he thought anything was off or different he didn't show it or make me aware of it. I am not a man. I am not a transsexual or transgender. There is nothing wrong with being that, I am just not. I didn't purposely keep it from Michael or anyone else I have dated. It is not something that I think is anyone's business. I grew up in a time where gay people were not even talked about. The saying back then was sew a pole or make a hole. Whichever was easier is how it went. When you consider how small a babies genitals are you can easier understand how it all looked. I had a small penis with an opening on the back side of it that left me with a scar down the shaft until I had it removed in my twenties. I had no testicles, but I had deformed gonadal and ovarian tissue. I had no ovaries, but I have a uterus, but it is deformed as well. In my chromosomes I have xx and xy in different groupings. My formal diagnosis is called Mosaic, intersex is the umbrella term that covers all birth challenges like this. The media uses my birth defect as a sensational headline calling me a man, a he/she or an it. I am a girl. When I was a toddler my family thought I was effeminate or gay, when I said I was a girl, not that I wanted to be one, but I already was, they didn't quite know what to think. Then they took me to counseling, they referred us to an endocrinologist and he ran test. After that we were sent to a doctor that did karotyping and chromosome testing and I was diagnosed Mosaic

Do you think that fans of Michael’s have the wrong idea about you?

They hate me and distrust me. They take the fact that I held things back in the beginning and shared more later as lying. They try to interpret and twist everything I say to make me out to be crazy, delusional or whatever else they choose to call me. They don't believe I met him, knew him or was ever with him. They think because there is not a photo of us together out there that that means I did not exist and was never with him. I have been honest about being Borderline Personality Disorder. They use that against me every chance they get. I probably did say or share too much at times. I reacted often out of anger at Michael for lying to me, about other women, not acknowledging our relationship and his sister Hilary's attacks of me herself and through her myriad of friends. You can't understand what it is like to defend your womanhood unless you have been in my shoes. It is a debilitating feeling to see the man you cared about, that cared about you, that laid with you and was intimate on so many levels reject and abandon you.

You said on your blog that you don’t think anyone has been more hurt by Michael than you. Do you think he owes you a personal, public apology? Do you think you’ll get one?

I know he owes me an apology. Two people paid the price that night for his DUI. I lost my career as an interpreter that depends on being invisible and private. I lost my contract as a crisis management consultant as well. Even before I made a deal with Vivid my career was over. I did not give interviews until the day he got out of rehab, November 19th. I don't think he needs to publicly apologize, but privately would mean a lot to me.

If you could have asked Michael one question at his recent press conference, what would it have been?

Why did you pursue me and tell me things were fine with us when you left for rehab?

How do you feel about his recent engagement? Do you think Phelps is ready to settle down?

I think the engagement is a way to rebuild his image and erase me. I think it is a media strategy that Octagon set in motion to make sure his world and endorsements stayed status quo. Based on the fact that Nicole and I were both dating the same man at the same time and he got engaged to her 3 months after things ended with me, NO! There was another girl that was just sex in this mix, the dog walker. There is Keshia up in Canada that contacted me in October and November to lend me support and encouragement, knowing what I was going through. She went through his snapchat and discovered all kinds of girls he had been with from flight attendants, to cocktail servers to prostitutes. I feel that if his family or his management truly cared about what was right for him, he would have stayed retired and all this media attention would die. Because he employs his family and makes vast amounts of money for Octagon they are pushing him into the lion's den. Women will keep coming forward. More have reached out to me and I have spoken with people in the media that know about women I didn't. He cheated on Ami Desi with Win McMurry. Two weeks later Ami dumped him and Win became the one night stand that wouldn't leave. The dog walker was with him through all of these women.

What’s the worst lie about yourself or your relationship that you’ve seen in the media?

There are a few...LOL First, that I was a man or never with him. Second would be that I was pregnant and fighting with him the night of the DUI over an abortion. There is also that I was with him the night of the DUI, implying I was in the vehicle. He was arrested in the early morning hours of September 30th and I came to Baltimore after I got off work the evening of the 30th to be there for him. When I got there his mom and sisters were there and he asked me to wait 45 minutes because they were about to leave. This was not the time for a meet and greet with the family. Then there is that I slept with Justin Timberlake for my Mercedes SL500 that belonged to him or that I was one of Dwight Howard's baby mamas. It does hurt when people say I am old, or ugly or look like a man and that Michael would have never been with me. I was a successful model and stuntwoman in the past. I have dated and been married to some pretty cute guys. The quote I hated the most taken out of context was when they printed that I said, "Michael didn't see what was different about me, he saw me as whole" They made it seem like I meant my vagina or "being" a woman. That statement relates to an accident I had in 2001 where I suffered 3 epidural hematomas to the right side of my skull, fractured the left, shattered my ear drum, broke my right eye socket and broke my jaw, paralyzed my right vocal cord, fractured my C4, C5, C6 and suffered and open book break of my pelvis. I was pronounced dead, brought back to life while being airlifted to Tallahassee Memorial. I went through 18 hours of brain surgery and then fell into a coma. It took me 10 months to walk and talk again, and two years of reconstructive surgery. I have titanium bolts that hold my skull together, metal and plastic around my right eye. A rebuilt eardrum, a silicone implant in my right vocal cord that allows me to talk, and titanium rods that connect brain stem to my spinal column. I shared with Michael about my accident and cried in his arms about my recovery. My face is rebuilt and I have metal every where, so when people make fun of my looks it hurts. When I made that statement I was talking about the scars and metal that are in my body from the accident.

What are you up to these days? Any new projects? Maybe a tell-all?

I still continue to do interviews around the world as the interest in me doesn't seem to go away. I have a multi book deal with Riverdale Avenue Books. We have published The Making of Going for the Gold, which is a pre-empt to my full biography this summer which is a tell-all. They also published my Super Bowl anthology, Super Bowl Surprise, which was released the day of the Super Bowl. I signed a three year contract with Vivid which produced my celebrity sex tape under Vivid Celeb Imprint, Going for the Gold with Ty Roderick playing Michael Phelps which tells the story of our love affair. There will be a second film released at some point which is more 50 Shades of Grey, but still based on my relationship with Michael. It was filmed at the same time as Going for the Gold. I will be starting a Burlesque type show and traveling the country meeting my new found fans with the company Centerfold Strips. After my memoirs come out I will be doing a book tour and we will go into pre-production on a made for TV movie about my life.

Is there any one thing that you’d like the world to know about you and your time with Michael?

That we really were together. He really liked me and pursued me and our time together was amazing. I was not a one off or a jump off or a side chick. He knew from day one that I was a relationship type girl. When he was with Nicole the weekend of the wedding, he lied to me and said he had business with Aquasphere. Him and I talked while he was in California, it's not like he disappeared on me. I didn't find out about her until and fan sent me screen shots of her instagram.

People have made a very big deal about pics that they found on an educational site by Brian Plonka. They reference a Muary Povich show as well. The pictures are only intended for educational purposes with the written consent of Brian, but these internet trolls have chosen to use them against me. The pictures were staged like any photo shoot. I was not living as a boy at all, but he wanted to try and have a before or transitional type photo, so we created it. My being on the Muary Povich show with my then boyfriend, Donald Hunt and Jackie Stallone was to champion for gender rights. I had no control over what was put under my name or the labels used. Brian and I lost contact before he finished the piece for a photo competition and tried his best to remember my story. The things he wrote were not accurate and he would tell you that himself. I was not raised as a boy in Lewiston, Maine. I was not transsexual and my father did not molest me. I certainly didn't "transition" at 15. My uncle, George Evans Fitch Jr. molested me along with my nannies son, Christopher Mullens. That sexual abuse by Chris started when I was around 2 years old and lasted till I was 12.

Do you think Michael Phelps is a good person?

If I set aside my hurt feelings I would have to say yes. I think he wants to be a good person and tries to be a good person. It is that niceness and charm that made me fall for him and give myself to him and want to continue to be in his life and be there for him the night of the DUI and support him while he was in rehab. I think he makes bad decisions and doesn't realize the consequences or how it will hurt the people he says he cares about.


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