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The same day that marriage equality #LoveWins became law across the land, I was on The Shannon Burke Show. It was the first time where I did an interview where I didn't feel like I had to turn it on. I was just me and it felt so comfortable and relaxed. The callers that I spoke with asked questions to get a better understanding and it was so refreshing.

This show was like hanging out with friends and just chatting. One lucky listener even got a copy of Going for the Gold. It was unplanned, but I opened up about dating Anfernee Hardaway of the Orlando Magic and hanging out with former Chicago Bull's players, Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and Brian Shaw. I have lived quite an exciting life, full of adventures. I look forward to sharing my story with the world to entertain and hopefully educate.

I have made my way back to a better place since all this happened last September. I am not angry anymore and I am done hating and blaming and feeling the need to defend myself. Michael and I know the truth, as well as the people close to us. At the end of the day that is all that really matters.

The month of July should be pretty calm, but then August comes and amazing things are happening.

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