Frederick Maryland District Court Promotes Married Men on Tinder

Words can't begin to express the emotions I am feeling today after facing prejudice and discrimination firsthand in Frederick, Maryland District Court. As many of you know I was lied, deceived and manipulated by a married man I met on Tinder over the course of a month. When I put him on blast on social media for what he did, he filed and order of protection against me where he perjured himself from start to finish. I walked into court with text, screen shots, phone records galore! I never would have imagined that I would lose based on the truth. Did I mention that this piece of shit included my name assigned at birth, all the info about Michael Phelps, as well as a excerpt from Howard Stern. As soon as the judge read and reacted to who and what I am nothing I said mattered. The truth didn't matter any longer because it was being spoken by an intersex person that was involved with Michael Phelps. He didn't even try to hide his contempt.

Once he shut me down there was no coming back! He proceeded to cut me off every time I spoke to dispute and show physical proof of this man's lies. When did it become ok to discriminate against someone based on gender and who they once dated?

So now I have an order of protection against me for telling the truth about a married man who lied to me and 3 other women. I have proof he lied about being divorced, contacting me and asking me to contact him again, when we actually stopped talking and why. None of this mattered to the judge who saw me as a freak. This judge preferred a lie over a freak like me.

I am beyond devastated. I cried the whole way back from Frederick. This is the first time in my life where I was aware of being seen as different and discriminated against because of it. I was truly unaware that in 2016 it was still legal to punish and persecute someone for being intersex, different than the norm binary sexual distinction.

I have never felt so deflated! I never in a million years could have imagined a judge rewarding a married man for being on Tinder pretending to be single and lying about everything he could.

I am at least grateful I live no where near this awful city of Frederick, MD where bigot judges are allowed to practice and spew there justice of hate!

If anyone knows any recourse available to me to fight this or appeal, please use the contact form to let me know.

Sad, hopeless, no faith in our justice system


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