Timothy Keegan Wants Me Dead

When I got two separate confirmations that he was the one the lied and betrayed me after we agreed to keep quiet about the engagement story after New Years, it hurt me and broke my heart all over again.

To have a man that once cared about you and made you feel love tell you you should kill yourself is the ultimate slap in the face. There is no coming back from it. I never did anything to this man and he ended things before Christmas and broke my heart. I had to see him again at New Year's and it pained me. His Christmas tie that he wore to the Air National Guard Christmas Ball still hangs in my room. I sometimes wear the shirt he got me at Military Tribute Night at WWE Smackdown to bed. He was the first man that I truly felt something with since Phelps. We had honesty, trust and what I thought was good, but I woke up one day to have my world shattered by him and then again and again.

When he wrote, "You are a fool and a complete waste of life. You should do the world a favor and kill yourself."

If this man wanted me to hate him he has succeeded. Everything I once felt for him is forever gone now. He has hurt me and lied about me and used me for the last time. I can't even wish him well.

It's up to the police and the courts how they want to deal with him now. I am done.

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