Michael Phelps testifying on doping?

To say I was shocked to hear Michael Phelps testifying on doping is an understatement! To me that would be like an alcoholic testifying for MADD.

While I was dating Michael, doping came up in regards to horse racing. In 2008 when he won by a hundredth of a second he ended up later buying a race horse and naming it By A Hundredth. Because my dad is a jockey we talked a lot about racing and handicapping and doping. During this conversation we discussed PED's in regards to Lance Armstrong. He explained to me how he was able to pass testing because he was using things that weren't yet being tested for and that was the reason he would never support blood passports. Of course I had no concept at the time what that all meant, other than I remember Lance's career coming apart. Michael said PED's were more for recovery than performance. At the time I thought we were talking in reference to Armstrong. Now looking back I am not so sure.

Hearing Michael now support blood passports in front of Congress made no sense to me after our conversations two years ago. Knowing his history of drug and substance abuse none of this made sense to me. Why after retirement and no longer part of the process does he now support this? This is a man that can't stand to be alone for any length of time. Someone that couldn't sit still for any length of time and used Ambien to sleep at night because he couldn't shut his brain down.

Michael has a talent for lying and being convincing and he certainly has never faced consequences for his lying. I find the timing and his statements questionable.

Do you think Michael Phelps is telling the truth about doping in the sport, and do you think he is in the clear of participating?

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