Deanna Roberts Pleads Guilty

This photo above is just days before she broke my collar bone and put me in the hospital. There was always a fear being around Deanna in the later years. She could flip the script at any time based on her mood, meds or a combination of both. As much as she liked to help people is as much as she seemed to take joy in reminding them of that help or hurting them.

I have not seen Deanna in person since 2005 after the last time she physically hurt me. I have certainly heard about her and a never ending list of people she has hurt since then. I guess now we can add murder to that. I knew it was only a matter of time before this happened, but I must admit I thought it would come from her anger and physically hurting someone. This is someone I let into my life and family in every way. This is someone who I thought of like a sister and was forced to say out of fear that she was. Deanna has a way of making you co-sign her bullshit! Us being sisters was one of those times. It was a lie that had no end and kept being altered and made more and more elaborate. Our own families even went with the lie, that's how manipulative she is.

For me, the change in her personality came after she had her surgery. She became a monster after that. She was never meant to be a woman in the traditional sense of the word. She was happier in the in between, but I don't think she knew how to stop her self. She couldn't get the necessary documents without paying off those kind of doctors that will do anything for a buck. Trust me when I say, she was never meant to have a vagina!

I can barely remember any good times between us now because of all the years of chaos. She had a violent streak from the beginning. She tried to stab and shoot the boyfriend she was with when I met her not long after coming into my life. After they broke up we remained friends and that became the first time her anger and hate was aimed at me. She threatened to kill me, stalked me, it was crazy. Why this story doesn't end there is beyond me! I sat by and watched her abuse every boyfriend, right down to wrapping Joe in a sheet and beating him with a statue. She always had a way of turning it all around and playing the victim when necessary though. You would believe her either because you wanted to or because you were afraid to do otherwise.

How she transitioned from being an escort to a silicone "doctor" is a blur to me. I had watched her assist Joanne and Marco many a times, but how she became the one doing it I don't actually recall. She certainly found her niche when she started doing that though. I would like to think of my self as pretty level headed on a good day, but I knew damn well she had no formal training and yet I let her work on me when I certainly didn't have to. I could afford surgery and other routes, I wasn't dependent on silicone like so many unfortunately are. When I had work done was when less was more and you wanted to just be real, not animated or exaggerated! Some where a long the way more and too much became the trend. Joanne supposedly worked with Dr. Shiftmen out of New York and was qualified to do what she did, yet she was setting up in our house on bath towels and injecting and super gluing us like all these people still do today. I believed Deanna's account of who this woman was and I saw the results of what her work did and I wanted it. I have since had as much of my silicone removed as can be. I am one of the lucky ones that never had complications or died, but I certainly have gone through a lot of surgeries to remove it. Deanna ruptured my implant injecting silicone into me. Then denied it. That was truly the beginning of a shift permanently in our relationship. I still have scar tissue in my breasts from that procedure she did.

I had not spoken to her in years until 2015 in August when I was in Maine with family. It was typical grandiose Deanna making a mountain out of a mole hill like always. Somehow my life and fame was impacting her perfect, normal world. That in and of itself is comical! Threats, words of hate, all the typical stuff from this woman. My Aunt Sue and I were seriously afraid of this woman. I just wanted the phone call to end. We said whatever she wanted to hear and I "apologized" to her on Twitter to make this go away. I have never been able to prove it, but we have always felt that my life and story became public because of her. There was no way on earth to piece my names and life together without help. There are very few people that knew that info to do that and even fewer that would. No one would have sold me out, but her. She has always been jealous of my life and how normal it was and this was her chance to destroy my normal forever.

I think it is beyond sad someone had to die before this evil woman was stopped. I know I will rest easier knowing that we are all finally safe from her and all her ill will.

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