Once a Liar Always a Liar: Michael Phelps

Photo Credit: Enstars

I doubt highly I will ever escape the backlash of my life with Michael Phelps. What is so frustrating is having to see him and hear him everywhere I turn. It is beyond disgusting when I hear him talk about the past but refuse to acknowledge the truth. All that is shiny is not gold!!!!

Seeing his interview in Bakersfield reminded me of what a fraud, coward and hypocrite he really is. To this day it still infuriates me how he managed to come out of everything untarnished. Knowing everything I know and to see this fake image that he personifies. Very little has changed other then image control and clean up. I can only imagine the iron clad confidentiality and non-disclosure that Octagon uses these days.

As much as I try to forget about him and move on completely, it seems impossible with him peppered all over ads and social media. I am also reminded everyday that my ties to him sell my books and film with Vivid.

The more normal my life seems, the more I think about life before him and the aftermath of everything that I have to live with going forward. My private life became a media circus because he chose to drink and drive. Because I cared about a man and chose to trust him I got burned in every way possible. Standing by him while he was in rehab was the biggest mistake of my life.

It seems pointless now to tell the whole story as people picked sides and chose to believe what they wanted to or the media spin instead of the truth. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. Vey much so in this case.

Is it too much to ask to want a man that destroyed your life to once and for all tell the truth and exonerate you?

It blows my mind that people can't see through the image wash and lies and facade that is his life with Nicole.

I want to wish him the best, but without closure how do you do that?

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