Stop the Insanity!

In the last 24 hours I have been bombarded with stories about Michael Phelps struggle with mental health. It is so disheartening knowing that it is a bold faced lie! Not only did it not happen, but he is taking my story of what was happening to me in the wake of his DUI arrest in 2014. It was me depressed, in bed, not answering my phone except for him as reporters from around the world descended on me. I watched helplessly as my life and privacy disappeared before my eyes. When I think back on that time and him trying to talk me off the ledge and telling me to cooperate with Drew, and Octagon Sports Management, it makes my heart sink all over again. He was surrounded by family and friends immediately. I was there that night. At no time was he locked up in a room alone and on suicide watch. This was a story concocted to deflect from the truth and detach himself from me and all the lies that he told as he dated Nicole and I at the same time. Then to build a relationship with the woman he cheated on me with and bring a child into it is mind boggling to me. Now they are expected another child. I feel immense sadness for these children and the legacy that he will leave behind. One day the truth will come out. One day the world will see that I was the one telling the truth all along and that he lied and deceived a nation. A leopard never changes it spots and if you all believe that he went from a sexual deviant and womanizer to a husband and family man, then you are just as much delusional to the truth that is right before your eyes and always has been. He was never an alcoholic! He was never mentally ill! He has taken a lie and made it a platform to wash his image and past discretions clean. We live in a world where different is not accepted and scary. It was easier to believe a lie than think he was with me, an intersex woman. Reputable news publications like USA Today are making a lie more believable. He was with me, dated me, loved me, but the world we live in was not ready for that, so he lied and continues to lie and built a life based on a lie. Wake up and smell the chlorine people!

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