I am not the girl I used to be...

It has been almost 6 years since that infamous day when the greatest Olympian of all time got a DUI and changed both of our lives forever. I have learned and grown a lot since then. I have gotten my mental illness to a controllable place. I am married now with two kids. I am the Transgender Health Coordinator for Us Helping Us People Into Living, Inc. I am the board president for FLUX-AHF. I am in my second year as part of the leadership team for The National Trans Visibility March. I am going on my 5th year with Capital Pride and Capital Trans Pride.

I still talk about the events of 6 years ago, because it is part of my story, it affects my life to this day. I still am asked in every interview about Michael Phelps.

These days I use my notoriety and platform to do good, bring awareness to Trans and Intersex issues and champion for Trans women of color. I don't want to be famous, I want to make a difference.

Get a copy of my latest book on Amazon, paperback or Kindle, or you can order a signed, personalized copy in my Books section.

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